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Luxury Beachfront Accommodation Robe

Book Your Beach House or Luxury Beachfront Accommodation with Robe Lifestyle Properties

The beach is a perfect option when you need a place to get away from the normal stresses of life. The beach provides every element that you would need to take a deep breath, let your hair down and recollect yourself. The right beach holiday will offer beautiful scenery enveloped by the soothing and relaxing sounds of the water crashing onto the sand.

The luxury beachfront accommodation choices with Robe Lifestyle Properties are sure to please any person or party that is in search of a holiday that is close to the beach, with delicious restaurants and premium café choices.


What are the Robe Beachfront Accommodation Choices?

The Robe beach house options come in every shape and size. Are you in search of an intimate getaway location? You will surely fall in love with our 1856 cottage. This small cottage can be used at any time during the year and is just a short walk to Victoria Street. If you are visiting during the warmer months, you will find yourself a short drive away from Long Beach. For those visiting during the colder months of the year, warm up by the fireplace with a glass of red. The rustic look of the property brings an old-world charm with a sense of cosiness that any occupant would love.

Our Unwind @ Adrift is a picture-perfect choice if you are interested in booking a holiday with a small group. This property is easily one of most sought-after properties. It has direct access to the beach with restaurants, pubs, cinemas and swimming just moments away. Unwind @ Adrift can sleep up to six people with two queen beds and two single beds.

Who says that vacations only need to be for one person? Maybe you are travelling in a large group and need Robe beachfront accommodation to house everyone! For this option, one of our most popular choices is our Bella Vita Beach House. Built on two levels and specifically designed to house and sleep up to 12 people, this is the perfect option for a family that wants a reunion close to the beach or a group of friends that want to forget the rest of the world for a few days and enjoy each other. The layout of the beach house provides large, open spaces with natural light filling every room.

Plan Your Holiday with Us

The Robe beach house choices allow for the perfect beach getaway for any individual, family or party. Our beachfront properties offer not only incredible scenery and stellar amenities but the serenity that is so important in a holiday.

For more information on luxury beachfront accommodation with Robe Lifestyle Properties, please call toll free on 1300 760 629 or visit our contact page and fill out an enquiry form. We are here to help you plan your dream beach holiday.